A Siding Contractor in Poland, OH, Can Help Refresh Your Home

Siding is an important component of any home for two big reasons. The first involves aesthetics—after all, siding is often one of the first things that people notice about houses. The second involves protection. Without siding, your home would be vulnerable to the elements. When you consider both of these reasons, it makes sense to choose siding installation from contractors you can trust.

CDT Construction Inc. is a siding contractor in Poland, OH, that’s committed to quality, no matter the nature of your project. We know that beauty lies in the details—that’s why we go out of our way to ensure that your home’s new siding looks as beautiful as you expect it to look. We have the skill and qualifications needed to install any type of siding material to your satisfaction.


Types of Siding Available

With so many different types of house siding available on today’s market, it can be difficult to choose just one. Thankfully, you can always rely on our contractors to provide the information you need to make an educated decision. Take your pick of the following types and rest easy knowing our team will then install it to your satisfaction.

Vinyl: Looking for an attractive, long-lasting siding material that can stand up to the test of time? Vinyl siding may be exactly what you need. Cost is secondary to the years of use you’ll get out of this incredible product. Plus, you can choose from many different colors.


Cement Board: Of all the siding products out there, cement board is likely the sturdiest. With installation from a skilled team, this unique wood and fiber composite material will last longer than almost any other product and will look good doing so.


Pressed Wood: Dress up your home in pressed wood siding that brings simpler times to mind. If you’re a fan of the natural aesthetic, we encourage you to consider investing in pressed wood, which is both durable and beautiful.


Using the Finest Materials

No matter what type of house siding material you end up choosing, you can relax knowing our contractors will secure it from the most trusted manufacturers out there. We prioritize quality—that’s why we choose products from brands like CertainTeed, Alside, James Hardie, and Rigid Stack Siding. These names are known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality throughout the country.


Contact us today to speak with a siding contractor about your upcoming project. We proudly serve residents of Poland, Ohio, as well as those throughout Columbiana County, Mahoning County, and Trumbull County.